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Better Breast Health!

There are often simple ways to make positive changes in breast tissue. Here is an online course for you to learn about common sense approaches to better breast health using tools that are affordable and already in your grasp. These techniques can help improve lymphatic flow. This is a short, three-part video series you can go through in your own time. Aubrey Lesicki, BS, LMT has been studying alternative medicine with a focus on breast care for 10 years. She applies a mind-body spirit approach to her massage and wellness coaching practice, emphasizing that the body’s wisdom is our best teacher. Through teaching hundreds of clients, she has distilled a decade of information into simple instructions to empower women to take their breast health into their own hands.

Part 1: Breast anatomy, education and PHAST massage technique.

Part 2: Scenario, common concerns and options for women.

Part 3: Detailed breast self-check. Remember to put a reminder on your phone to check once a month.

YouTube link for PHAST massage technique.

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